Wednesday, 5 October 2011

New Maggie + Me Stock!

We had an exciting delivery this morning! Maggie + Me goodies! Deliveries are exciting, it literally felt like Christmas had come early, and it basically has because all this new stock is available for you to come and purchase NOW!

The pieces are very monochrome and sophisticated chic, which means that they would be perfect staple items for the wardrobe that you could basically pair with anything. Either that, or you could buy the whole range and be all set for well-coordinated outfits for the rest of Winter.

I'm also thinking ahead for you guys in that these Maggie + Me pieces literally scream Christmas Party! Sexy enough for catching that guy's eye at your friend's party, and appropriate enough to be parading in front of the boss at the office party. Even suitable for the big night that is NEW YEAR'S EVE.

Look at that, I just sorted you out for the entire festive season. Get down to Pink and Lilly, Stoney Street, Lace Market. You know you want to...

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