Friday, 14 October 2011


SHOPPERS! It's Friday, the sun is shining in Nottingham city today, why not pop in and have a nosey around and see what gems you can find!

We have our fabulous Stolen Thunder jewelry back in..the lovely large birdcage one is back in stock...

If you are more nautical we have the perfect Stolen Thunder piece for you! The ANCHOR! Thats right..

You can enjoy a luxurious 20% off all our stock this weekend so why not? Dont spend where you can't save right?

So here are some of my favourite things here at Pink and bargain prices if I must say!

1) the colour, the style, the embroidery...its just so stunning on anyone and I LOVE ITTT!!!!

And yes..of course its a Jarlo!

2) Timi.
Possibly the best fashion jewelry ever in my eyes. I really like their stuff, its so elegant but quirky. They've got some great pieces, one my my personal faves is the gold or silver ball bracelet which I have the gold and bought my cousin the silver..last ones muahahaha! But here's a few tasters if you haven't seen them before!! I think timi is really simple and girly but really classy at the same time... and they do some great friendship bracelets!
Lovely long drape earrings! In a brassy gold and a tin silver.

So this is my jealous!!!

3) So third on Priya's fave thingssss..issss
Jarlo this is a coat...and its sexy and sophisticated but casual at the same time...


I think Jarlo is just my favourite brand at the moment, I'm loving all their collection that we have in store and also they fit me so well and if they fit me..then they will fit everyone!!

So guys and girls, here's just a few things that I wanted to share with you, keep checking back for more updates because we all love Pink and Lilly!!


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