Monday, 25 October 2010

Up to date!

Pink and Lilly has loads going on at the minute!
The Ilovehockley fashion show on 20th October was a big hit and all the Pink and Lilly models looked gorgeous! Check out the Events page for some photos!

Pink and Lilly is briming with gorgeousness! Think jaw dropping party dresses from old timeless classics to new exciting labels including Mink Pink, Closet and Charas - there's enough to get you through the festive period without the awkwardness of turning up to the work do in the same dress as that girl in your office! Irregular choice's wacky collection go even crazzier this season with ruby red Dorothy boots and boots with planets and stars on!! Not forgetting enough perfect Christmas gifts to make santas grotto look slightly dull!

Pink and Lilly are also planning the next fashion show already with some great ideas due to happening in Feb next year! Check the website for any more info!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Autumn stock are proud to introduce Mink Pink! The new Australian brand perfect knit cardi's, blazer jackets and gorgeous dresses! Check out the Zip Blazer, you can litterally zip off the bottom half for a cropped jacket! Beaut!!