Thursday, 10 November 2011

jeans jeans jeaaans

Hey there,

So it's Thursday afternoon and we're all itching to get to the I right? Thought so..

How has your week been? I did some GOK WAN research; I was walking through boots and this is how behind I am, he's got his own beauty range?! Does his creams make you loose weight? IF SO...I'm on that!!

But in addition to that, Gok's favourite jeans for us ladies are by DTN/JON KAFE...and I mean, what a coincident because us here at Pink and Lilly also LOVE the DTN Jean!
We have them in Mushroom, Black, Blue Denim, Electric Blue and Camel...and seeing as its also buy one get one half price its time you stocked up on some well fitting jeans!

Our jeans are priced at £59.95 so cheaper than Levis ehy!
Next on the Jean list, we've got FLARES! These are really classy washed dark denim jeans from Ringspun and you know what, they are a great fit and they really life the bums like the DTNS!
They aren't too flarey but they flare enough for those chunky wedge heels you've got and that cream crop shirt!
Very flattering for those of us (like me) with shorter fatter legs..


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